What Is A Two Stage Air Compressor?

Posted by on November 24, 2019

With so many air compressors available in the market right now, it is hard to find the best one for your work. Everyone is looking for the best air compressor for home garage available at the lowest price. The use of air compressors is very common in almost every household as well as in the industrial field. There are various air compressors are available in the market right now depending upon the type of work they can do. One of the most common uses of air is in AC which is available in almost every house.

Just like a standard blower motor a standard air compressor can work at only one level that is high. But, a two stage air compressor can work at two different levels that are high as well as in low level. This type of air compressor works only at a low level and operates at a high level only when it is needed. On comparison an air conditioner with a two-stage air compressor work at a low level around 80 percent of the time and the remaining time it operates at a high level but only when it is needed. Overall, an air conditioner with a standard air compressor can not work as efficiently as an air conditioner having two-stage air compressor.

Working Principles Of Two-stage Air Compressors

As there are many air compressors are available in the market it is not an easy task to understand them all. To understand working of all these air compressor we should first understand the basic principle on which every air compressor operates: they transform power from a power source , it can be an electric motor, a diesel engine or a gas engine etcetera, into pressurized air that is then stored and ready to be released to drive machinery such as production and construction equipment.

How Does A 2-stage Air Compressor Work?

Since now we know the basic principle of working of an air compressor we can now also understand the operating principle of a two-stage air compressor. A standard air compressor has a piston or rotary screw which is used to intake air from outside and pressurizes it once while a two-stage air compressor intake air from outside and pressurizes it twice it is like repeating of standard air compressor working principle twice.

single stage vs two stage compressor

Naturally, this means there are two cylinders to store the pressurized air, as well as double the mechanisms to draw air in and pressurize it.

You can find many differences between single-stage and a two-stage compressor. In the single-stage process, the air is compressed, used and replenished at the speed with which a single piston or screw can draw in more air and pressurize it. In contrast, a two-stage air compressors work on the principle that after the first stage of pressurization, there will be the second stage of pressurization, which allows for a higher pressure of air stored in a tank. This process is prized by those requiring higher sources of pressurized air — typically above 100 psi — as well as the quick and continuous replenishment of air.

There are many two-stage air compressors are available. One should choose the one very wisely.

Benefits Of Installing A Two-Stage Air Compressor

It is obvious that a two-stage air compressor will be a better option than air compressor.

Energy saving

As the two-stage air compressor works on the low level most of the time it uses less energy as compared to the standard one who does not operate at a low level even though it’s cooling cycle is much longer than the standard one.

2. Better for your air conditioner

Since it has longer cooling cycles an air compressor with a two-stage air compressor does not shut off as much as an air conditioner having a standard air compressor. This will remove stains from your air conditioner and will make it more efficient which is good for its long-lasting.

3. Less temperature swings

An air conditioner having a two-stage air compressor will gradually increase the temperature of your area rather than blasting cold air every time temperature rises above from the set temperature. This results in a more consistent temperature in your home throughout the day and night.

4. Better at dehumidifying hot air

The longer cooling cycles of a two-stage air compressor allow it to spend more time pulling moisture out of the air. This makes it better at controlling high humidity in your home.

It has many uses as well other than its use in air conditioner for example in general manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, food & beverage, and glass production.Putting all of its benefits together, two-stage rotary screw compressors offer more uptime for those applications that require efficient and non-stop continuous operation.

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