High-tech startups from Israel is finding themselves in a good position in India

Posted by on March 21, 2019

Flipkart is one of the biggest eCommerce company of india which is wideli popular for online marketing. The indian ecommerce market is now became a huge market of worth around 32 billion dollar. Flipkart is in the lead in this ecommerce market. To grow further and make its impact on its costumer Flipkart starts to optimise it’s inventory for the costumers. To find the solution of it they dig into the Israel for this solution.

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In a major buyout, Flipkart, which is now a subsidiary of Walmart, acquired Israeli retail intelligence platform, Upstream Commerce. This is considered to be a vital step taken by Flipkart which will give them extra edge from their rival Amazon India. It is growing very aggressively in indian market.

In just 6 months Flipkart has doubled it’s presence in Israel and is still growing day by day. This is not the only company setting it’s feet in Israel. Zee Entertainment Industries LTD. Is another example of this type. It has been in tough competition among prime video, Netflix, ALTbalaji. It underscores the potential value that Israeli technologies can bring for Indian corporates and startups.

Startups and corporations both are in game

Not only startups but corporations are also investing in Israel and making a place for their new market in Israel. Many large I dian corporations are moving towards Israel to increase their reach. Some are making new industries in Israel while some are investing in many Israeli companies. This is increased in recent give years tremendously.

This includes – Reliance, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, L&T, and Apollo Hospitals. These companies have made an impact on the Israeli market and among their people. Many of these companies is investing and interested in the cybersecurity and defense sector.

A good match

Israeli and indian market is seems an apparent match. Soon people will notice the similarity in between indian and israeli market. In india where population is almost 1.3 billion in number companies are mainly focusing in some special sectors such as e-commerce, food delivery, mobile wallet, ride-sharing, etc.

This is because the middle class people is the main contributed of any sectors of any country. If middle class people have money then they will spend money more and as a result companies will get more profit. Second, internet is the other main cause of growth of these sectors as the availabity of I ternet is common nowadays.

“Indian clients have the appetite for solutions with the best value propositions making it easier for Israeli startups to make a point” – says Ariel Assaraf, co-founder of a log-data analytics platform, Coralogix.

“We can see a clear need and supply of solutions to satisfy the need,” says Saket Agarwal, Managing Partner of Onnivation, a Mumbai-based accelerator program.

Soon the realtion between India and Israel will be better and will get better year by year. Many industries are operating in both the countries giving people of both country to have a classy job and will also give both the countries a better way to start new startups and corporations.

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