Survey claims that AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs do not fullfil their promises that it will boost the speed

Everything is going well for the AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs ,but their is one negative point comes in the view in which as they said that their cpu will boost the speed but this has not be seen in their cpu. This fault has been showed by a freshly conducted survey which has released now.

This survey is conducted by the Der8auer . They conducted the survey on more than 2700 users . Users who figured out the detailed performance of the AMD Ryzen 3rd-gen processors from the starting . Only one in 20 users said that their processor has reached it high boost speed . Which means that 5.6% of Ryzen 9 3900x owner have said this about the CPUs.


As AMD claimed that their any one of the processor will hit the maximum boost of the chip as they advertised but the survey is showing different.

In survey the majority owner were owning Ryzen 7 3700X (40%) , where 26% mentioned that they owned 3900X and 21% were Ryzen 5 3600 .Ryzen 7 3790X was the most common among other .

Is this a right survey?

Is there anything wrong with the survey ? So, in there YouTube video Der8auer has given the detailed methodology . Speed were Cinebench R15 which were recorded on single threaded test . It is aslo recommend by the AMD . Overkocker also said that nothing is perfect here . Because these results were taken out from different different computers on which AMD made attention . He also said on counterpoint that if this is the case then AMD should highlight their points that its performance deoe6on the specific version of Windows 10.

But the fact is that most of the owners of Ryzen 3000 processor had responded to the survey . And it shows that their is definitely the problem with their processor. Which they can not deny . After getting these many negative results from the owner is raising the questions as well on the performance of Ryzen 3000.

It is going to to be very interesting to see that what AMD has to say about this issue . They has to give their response on boost clock font or we have to keep this at end as Der8auer did in his video by ending it simply.

Der8auer also said that these are still one of the great value processors available in the market . Blowing reviews on this Ryzen 3rd gen say these . But we should not meant that we should not consider Ryzen 3000 model processor to be our next processor.

Apart from this we know that clock speed is not everything by changing some architecture we can over come these issue but this whole boost clock issue is going to stick like a black spot on the bright canvas of Ryzen 3000 processor.…

Posted by on July 1, 2019

The OnePlus 7T Pro is going to have same design as OnePlus 7Pro

OnePlus is one of the well known smartphone brand . Because of its good design and specifications which they have in their phones and come up in very affordable prices it had achieved the spot among other top leading smart mobile phone brands. They launch smartphone phone with great specifications after short time of periods like after couple of months.

OnePlus 7T Pro

In upcoming months they are likely to launch their some new smartphones. Some renders have just arrived on the some web that OnePlus’s new smartphone is going to be OnePlus 7T Pro which likely to look same as OnePlus 7T which launched in May 2019. The render first come on 92mobiles and @Onleaks , these are trusted website for their correct leaks like from specifications to the design of the phone which they claime and the rumoured phone comes with the same features as they said in their renders.

From the leaked pictures it is very clear that the design is the exactly be the same as OnePlus 7T. There are no major changes in the design , same pop-up selfie camera and all .

OnePlus is also working on OnePlus Television and are going to launch it soon . We are waiting for it same as we are waiting for Samsung Fold . Apple’s new phone is also going to launch soon. The sources also claimed that a McLaren edition of the OnePlus 7T Pro is aslo going to be launched just same as they launched OnePlus 6T McLaren edition last year . Which featured different color scheme and very improved specification under the same hood.

So, what are the more things which we know about the upcoming OnePlus 7T Pro ? Ok, according to the rumours the phone is expected to come up with 6.67 inch screen which will have 90Hz display refresh rate, with a triple camera setup at the back . The processor will be the newly Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Apart from the much awaited edition the McLaren edition , the phone will also come with a new blue color variant as the rumours. As we know that OnePlus 7 Pro is currently coming in grey , almond and in a nebular shade of blue color . There would be more new changes will come up . It will get launch as soon as possible as we are expecting. As the @Onleaks showed in their renders pictures that it will come up with a circular camera array around the back side of the OnePlus 7T which will give OnePlus 7T a quite unique look .

From the starting company always launch their flagship phone with the “T” version which are going to launch in upcoming months . We do not know the exact date , that when they really going to launch it . But may be possible that they will launch it in late September or starting of October as it seems .…

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High-tech startups from Israel is finding themselves in a good position in India

Flipkart is one of the biggest eCommerce company of india which is wideli popular for online marketing. The indian ecommerce market is now became a huge market of worth around 32 billion dollar. Flipkart is in the lead in this ecommerce market. To grow further and make its impact on its costumer Flipkart starts to optimise it’s inventory for the costumers. To find the solution of it they dig into the Israel for this solution.

high tech startup

In a major buyout, Flipkart, which is now a subsidiary of Walmart, acquired Israeli retail intelligence platform, Upstream Commerce. This is considered to be a vital step taken by Flipkart which will give them extra edge from their rival Amazon India. It is growing very aggressively in indian market.

In just 6 months Flipkart has doubled it’s presence in Israel and is still growing day by day. This is not the only company setting it’s feet in Israel. Zee Entertainment Industries LTD. Is another example of this type. It has been in tough competition among prime video, Netflix, ALTbalaji. It underscores the potential value that Israeli technologies can bring for Indian corporates and startups.

Startups and corporations both are in game

Not only startups but corporations are also investing in Israel and making a place for their new market in Israel. Many large I dian corporations are moving towards Israel to increase their reach. Some are making new industries in Israel while some are investing in many Israeli companies. This is increased in recent give years tremendously.

This includes – Reliance, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, L&T, and Apollo Hospitals. These companies have made an impact on the Israeli market and among their people. Many of these companies is investing and interested in the cybersecurity and defense sector.

A good match

Israeli and indian market is seems an apparent match. Soon people will notice the similarity in between indian and israeli market. In india where population is almost 1.3 billion in number companies are mainly focusing in some special sectors such as e-commerce, food delivery, mobile wallet, ride-sharing, etc.

This is because the middle class people is the main contributed of any sectors of any country. If middle class people have money then they will spend money more and as a result companies will get more profit. Second, internet is the other main cause of growth of these sectors as the availabity of I ternet is common nowadays.

“Indian clients have the appetite for solutions with the best value propositions making it easier for Israeli startups to make a point” – says Ariel Assaraf, co-founder of a log-data analytics platform, Coralogix.

“We can see a clear need and supply of solutions to satisfy the need,” says Saket Agarwal, Managing Partner of Onnivation, a Mumbai-based accelerator program.

Soon the realtion between India and Israel will be better and will get better year by year. Many industries are operating in both the countries giving people of both country to have a classy job and will also give both the countries a better way to start new startups and corporations.…

Posted by on March 21, 2019